TreeVolve: Tower Defense

TeeVolve is a towerdefense game for android playable on smartphone and tablets.

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Protect Puripoms and destroy the enemy. Fight for freedom!

TreeVolve is a tower defense game for android playable on smartphone and tablets. Your mission is to defende a magic tree, which will help you trough all levels to reach the final stage. You control the magic tree by tapping on screen, so he shoot's to kill the incoming enemies. Power up your tree, learn new abilities collecting golden acorns across your journey! Five levels, lots of enemies and a frenetic gameplay!

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  • play in 5 different areas to help the Puripom in various missions.

  • challenge your friends in a multiplayer online game.

  • unlock new skills, power-up your tree and Puripom with the money you earn in the game.

  • help the Puripom placing automatic turrets in strategic positions.

  • look for weak spot of the bosses and destroy them.

  • unlock more than 50 medals reaching various objectives.

  • climb the world rankings for each zone.

Press release

In the press release zip you can find a press release comunicate, some images, an art work and some videos.

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